Troubleshooting Your Bluetooth Headset for Sales Reps

Hi I'm Todd and I'm on the engineering team here at Halo Neuroscience.  In this post I'm going to show you how to troubleshoot your Bluetooth connection issues between your Android device and your Halo Sport headset to make sure your bluetooth headset is working in 2019. The first thing we want to do is close out the Halo Sport app on your Android device.  On Samsung devices select the button in the lower left and swipe away. Next, unpair your Halo Sport headset by pressing and holding the silver power button on the right earcup.

You'll see the indicator light fade away and come back rapidly blinking. Now release.  Turn Bluetooth off, wait a couple seconds, and turn it back on. We can now open up the Halo Sport app again and you'll see your headset in the list. Select it and when connected you'll see the indicator light flash white and you'll be ready to start your neuro priming session. If you're having trouble there's a tips section in the upper right corner of the Halo Sport app. If you need more help visit us on Facebook or let us know in the comments.

source:  AMP Payment Systems